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Resistance is Futile

    I encounter tough resistance every single business day.  It’s never what you think.  It’s not resistance from the heavy demands of my customers or prospects.  it’s not the long days of travel or presenting in front of an audience.  It’s the battle going on inside my own head.  It always goes something like […]

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The One Question To Ask Before You Start

There are a lot of entrepreneur books out there. I even wrote one! However, this new book from Carol Roth is special. The Entrepreneur Equation discusses the questions you should ask BEFORE starting.  She takes a step backward and talks about: Should I be an entrepreneur ? Why do you want to be an entrepreneur? Carol talks […]

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Born to Run…Err, Sell

The guest post today is from Adrian Miller.  It talks about an issue for every business person- Selling! “Yes, some people were born to sell.  Naturally extroverted, intrinsically good listeners, blessed with what is commonly referred to as a “thick skin”, these folks often gravitate towards sales and more often than not, they excel in […]

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