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How I (Almost) Got Over My Fear of Flying

I have a fear of flying. This is a problem for me since I board an airplane 100 times a year. A long time ago, I had to decide that if I wanted to continue to do the work I love, I had to cope with this fear of flying (or take some very long bus and train […]

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THE Small Business Expert

By CopyPress Influencer marketing is an important but often untapped aspect to lead building and conversions for a business’ online efforts. This type of marketing ties in directly with your link-building efforts when used correctly, and it can offer your company better audience targeting than traditional marketing and advertising. In a world where ads get […]

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#429 Morality and Ethics: Eden Collinsworth Discusses the New Morality in Politics and Business, and Adam Yore Shares the Business Repercussions of Behaving Unethically in Your Personal Life

Introduction On this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk about the relevance of morality in business these days. Then, every small business owners has to understand that their personal and professional lives are not separable; we’ll show you how ethically questionable off-the-job behavior has consequences for your company. Plus, we explore the […]

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Flex: A Smart Payment POS Device That Fits in Your Hand

Flex: A Smart Payment POS Device That Fits in Your Hand Whether customers are buying from a quick service restaurant, food truck, or other retail company, they never want to wait to pay. The days of them standing in line in front of a cash register is over. In addition, for the small business owner, […]

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How to Use Amazon to Sell More Products

How to Use Amazon to Sell More Products I have a confession. I am addicted to buying from Amazon and have placed 76 orders in the last 6 months. But what most people don’t know, I order through Amazon from a lot of companies that I have never heard of. Not knowing their brand is […]

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