#454 The Pitch Queen Michelle Weinstein Shares What to Do When Prospects Say No



On this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk about what to do when a prospect says no because no really means not right now. Then, we’ll show you what holds companies back from innovating even though we all know it’s important. Plus, we’ll show you how to get your small business unstuck! Finally, one of the longest documents you will ever sign is a commercial lease for your small business. We’ll introduce you to a service that can help make this process less intimidating.



Segment 1: Michelle Weinstein has knocked down the doors and impressed CEO’s at many billion dollar companies. Her relentless pursuit towards buyers at Costco Wholesale earned her coveted shelf space that also led to national deals with The Vitamin Shoppe. Other current clients include the Washington Nationals and Tampa Bay Rays.

1:30 – How a NO just means “not right now”.

2:30 – How do you know if NO means “I’m not the right prospect”?

4:45 – How to be professionally annoying.

8:15 – The key to any success as an entrepreneur is being persistent.

Segment 2: Steven L. Blue is the President & CEO of Miller Ingenuity, an innovative company revolutionizing traditional safety solutions for railway workers, and author of the new books, Mastering the Art of Success and American Manufacturing 2.0: What Went Wrong and How to Make It Right. For more information, please visit www.SteveBlueCEO.com, www.milleringenuity.com and connect with Blue on Twitter, @SteveBlueCEO. 

15:45 – What holds companies back from innovating?

18:30 – Can industry leaders innovate or does it take an outsider?

21:00 – Why Netflix is an interesting example of innovation.

22:30 – Why every company – without exception – is a gold mine.

Segment 3: Steven L. Blue continued…

30:30 – How to unleash the innovative potential in your business.

33:00 – How do you get employees on board with change?

33:45 – How Steve took his own company from a supplier of dumb metal and plastic products to a high technology company.

35:30 – How do you install the belief in employees that they are creative? 

Segment 4: Barry Moltz shares how to get your business unstuck.

40:30 – Do any of these sound familiar?

41:15 – How to take your business to the next level.

42:45 – What’s in the Unstuck course?

46:00 – Special offer code.

To learn more visit, www.barrymoltz.com/unstuck

Segment 5: Jeff Howell has been an award-winning commercial real estate broker for 17 years, serving such household names as Edward Jones, Ocean Spray and the world’s # 1 brand, Lego.  Jeff realized there is a better way to deliver commercial real estate advice to small businesses that are under-represented in commercial leasing transactions and has founded Lease Ref – a website where tenants can upload their commercial lease and receive a scorecard on what needs improvement.

49:30 – Why do small business owners need help signing commercial leases?

50:15 – What is Lease Ref? Why is it a good option for small business owners?

51:30 – What does Lease Ref cost?

52:00 – Is the process automated or is an expert looking at your lease?

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