This Is What is Next in Business Communications

Last week, I was at Nextcon, the annual business conference by Nextiva. They had their usual lineup of informative business speakers, but this year was different. They announced the release of their NextOS system which I believe will redefine how companies communicate with their customers.

Currently, every small business has silos of applications that keep some of their customer data. This is a problem because the friction or lack of communication between these applications get in the way of offering customers the best possible experience. Nextiva CEO, Tomas Gorny said “Customers want an effortless experience. They want to communicate with organizations through multiple channels. Most importantly, customers want to be remembered. They don’t want to start every conversation all over again.”

NextOS aims to change all of this and  solve the communications crisis for every business. Gorny states that “it’s not man vs. machine – it is man and machine working together in harmony so we can be more productive and innovative.” NextOS gives a real time view of customers and the ability to track their entire journey. It will allow the company to anticipate requests and give team members easy tools to fulfill them. It includes a CRM system, chat function, a survey platform, and extensive customer analytics that are all accessible from one central dashboard

Check out what NextOS can do for your business.


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