#451 Jonathan Pellegrin Shares the Art of Selling the Family Business

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In this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk about why family businesses are one of the most complicated types of companies to sell. Then, we’ll share the advantages of using video in your small business marketing. Plus, we’ll share some insight into the rapidly growing craft distillery movement in the United States. Also, we all know that being a great communicator is essential in small business, but most people don’t invest time in improving their communication skills – we will help! Finally, after Equifax exposed the personal data of almost 150 million Americans, we’ll share what your small business needs to do to protect itself.



Segment 1: Jonathan Pellegrin is the author of “The Art of Selling the Family Business”.

1:15 – Why are family businesses so complicated to sell?

2:45 – The emotional attachment by family business owners is a good thing and a bad thing.

5:00 – When is it time to sell the family business and who do you get to help you?

8:45 – How to handle the family member that wants to prevent the sale of the business.

Segment 2: Ramon Ray is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and International speaker. He’s started four companies, 1 project and sold one business. Ramon’s passionate about educating business owners and entrepreneurs in how to start and grow their businesses.

15:00 – Why do you love video so much and how do you use it to build your own personal brand?

16:45 – What do you tell people who are afraid of video?

18:00 – What video quality is acceptable and why is video so powerful?

21:00 – How does your new company help small businesses with video?

21:45 – What is the Smart Hustle Small Business Conference and who should come?

Segment 3: Sonat Birnecker Hart spent over a decade as a full professor in both the United States and Germany, during which she wrote widely on the topic of German cultural history. In 2008, she gave up tenure to found the internationally award winning KOVAL Distillery.

31:00 – How do you shift from college professor to distillery owner?

33:15 – How Sonat changed the legal landscape for liquor in Illinois.

34:45 – What does it take to start a distillery?

35:45 – What most surprised you about being in the distillery business and how it has evolved since 2008?

Segment 4: Karen Friedman is an executive communication coach, syndicated columnist, professional speaker and author of Shut Up and Say Something. Following two decades as an award-winning major market television news reporter, she helps professionals become more powerful persuasive communicators. Karen is frequently quoted by publications such as the New York Times, Forbes and CNN Money.

40:30 – Why do you think so many leaders/people in business are not great communicators?

41:45 – How do you know if you’re a good communicator or if you need to improve?

44:00 – The importance of your nonverbal communication and RELATING to people.

45:30 – Most people are not naturally great communicators. They PRACTICE.

Segment 5: Jason Tan is the CEO of Sift Science, a trust platform that offers a full suite of fraud and abuse prevention products designed to attack every vector of online fraud for industries and businesses across the world.

49:30 – What does a small business need to do to protect themselves from fraud?

51:00 – Small businesses are responsible for the integrity of their website.

52:00 – Where to go to learn more about fraud and abuse prevention products.

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