The Digital Vibe is the “show of shows” on entrepreneurship, business, health and fitness, and some entertainment!




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The Digital Vibe

The Digital Vibe is the “show of shows” on entrepreneurship, business, health and fitness, and some entertainment! If you want to listen to a great show on business and that is inspirational, motivational, and informative, then YOU need to listen to this!

The Digital Vibe is a vibe!! Its approach is very viral!! It has intro music on the podcast and of course the show itself and closes with music as well. It’s a production that makes for more than a podcast, but a show that’s similar to television. Having been aired for less than a 7 months and receiving such a response is incredible for ANY show. This is the reason why this show GREAT!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Vibe…TheDigitalVibe!


The Digital Vibe is not just a podcast, but a show that is entrepreneurial, instructional motivational, and informative. The “How You Define Success” is a show that is really on the cutting edge of podcasting as well as content. It has numerous shows in one platform and this makes for variety and flexibility.

Turning Point

The critical turning point would have to be that when you do a podcast they’re no guarantees that you will be a success at it. By success I mean that you will make an income from it.  When I started the show about a year ago, I decided to try something new and something that would help to take my business to the next level. I was already a success in the fact that I took on this endeavor and created a show that I believed would be  success.  It did in that I enjoyed doing it and the listeners and downloads  proved that.   I had fixed in my mind that all the great podcasters who were getting paid had their success and I could learn from them.  So I did.

Just recently, I was contacted by my podcast platform that things were changing.  What was changing was that podcasters were now being paid for their work.  Great news!  When you as a podcast entrepreneur put the work and effort into something you create with hopes that you will be paid for your highly skilled work, you are taking a leap of faith and a risk as a business. You are doing that which gives you freedom and maintaining a level of social entrepreneurship at the same time. Certainly, everybody wins in this equation.  The podcaster, me, my audience, and the platform itself.

You really have to have passion for what you create, believe, be great, and the money does follow!

Surprising thing?

The amount of downloads and followers!  Yes, the downloads have been going crazy and as I continue to market my website, more downloads are to follow.  Its great stuff!

If you really want some great excitement and an amazing podcast, then check out The Digital Vibe,

P.S. For a limited time ONLY get a FREE gift when you sign up for ONLY $9.99 per month!!






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