Archive | June, 2014

Tools and Strategies to Keep Better Business Books

Simple and effective ways small businesses can ease the time and cost of bookkeeping You may not have a passion for bookkeeping, but keeping well-organized business books will simplify your operations in nearly every aspect of running and growing your business. Here are some simple but effective ways to keep better business books. Ease payroll pain […]

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Choosing the Best LinkedIn Profile Photo – 13 Mistakes to Avoid

Maintain a professional image on LinkedIn by avoiding these obvious mistakes with the personal profile picture you choose One of the first rules of LinkedIn is that it is not Facebook. When it comes to individual profiles, Facebook is personal and LinkedIn is business. LinkedIn is a professional networking site that should be reserved for your […]

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Doing Electronic Invoicing the Right Way

Tips to simplify the sending and receiving of payments for better client satisfaction and better cash flow The potential benefits of electronic invoicing include lower costs associated with printing, paper, postage and the storage of hard copies. Because electronic invoicing reaches your clients more immediately, there’s also the potential that you’ll receive payment faster. But […]

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