Social Media Marketing- Now on Demand!

The internet has proven itself to be a wonderful medium for sales, and social media is the most fertile frontier in the infinite internet. At least, it is in theory: most small businesses (and many large ones) still don’t understand how social media can score them more customers and profits. If you’re sick of feeling like a fool posting messages to Facebook that don’t get you any attention, let alone new sales, then this new social media marketing tool could be just what you need.

It’s called Social OnDemand, and it’s brought to you by the veteran digital sales solutions company OptifiNow.  They were founded in 2001 with a single product: delivering “personalized sales communication via digital print.” In other words, they wrote email copy on demand, and they were successful enough that they now offer many other services.

Social OnDemand can easily perform three vital social media tasks that most companies NEVER do, or even THINK of:

1)      Authorize social media content that is legal and beneficial to the company brand; no more worrying about employees being too edgy, making promises that cannot be fulfilled, or spilling trade secrets by mistake.

2)      Collect a safe, rich content in a “library” that every employee in the company can easily access. From there, they can post the content with a single click to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter simultaneously.

3)      Track and quantify the performance of the content to better reach the audience, and use that data to convert those likes and retweets into prospects, customers, and sales.

This software allows the most experienced social media savvy employees to focus on what they do best: creating engaging, meaningful content.


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