Make Customer Service Soar

A lot of people talk about offering great customer service, and this year, the Canadian airline WestJet is probably one of the best examples of that. plane

They set up screens at a couple of Canadian airports, and passengers told Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Then when their planes took off, the employees got all the gifts, wrapped them, and delivered them on the baggage carousel when the passengers landed.

Forbes says they expected 800,000 views of the video they created, but it’s gotten millions in just few days.

Even though it’s helped the company get good publicity and positive advertising, it’s also helping families and kids by offering free flights through Ronald McDonald House Charities.

The video is actually well-made and touching. You can view it below.

So they’re offering excellent customer service, they’re helping people, and their reputation got a boost.

Have you thought about ways to improve your customer service that will also get people talking? WestJet did something fantastic for their customers, but they also created something that the world is talking about, which leads to more customers and increased sales.

Look at your business and think about a few ways to give your clients and customers something special. It also might be time to rethink your company’s mission, and if you’re really integrating your customers into the plan.

Also, remember to get your employees involved. WestJet spent months planning their Christmas surprise, and the employees seemed excited to participate.

How are you improving your customer service? Let me know.

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