The Right Co-Pilot Can Help Your Small Business Soar to Success

My mother was a real pioneer.  Not to be outdone by her two older brothers, she followed in their footsteps and got her pilot’s license in 1944.  One Sunday afternoon, her family decided to go to the airport to watch each of the siblings show off their piloting skills.  My mother smiled and applauded as each of her brothers took their turn doing spins and roll-overs in the skies.  Then it was her turn.

It so happened her flight instructor was a short gentleman who sneaked into the passenger seat and hunkered down undetected while my mom’s family was wishing her good luck.   Then mom confidently got into the plane and took to the skies, but once airborne, the instructor took over the controls.  He dazzled the onlookers with his antics — putting on quite a show.  As the duo prepared to land, my mother once again took over the controls and smoothly landed the plane.  She was met with cheers, hugs and two dumfounded brothers.

As far as I know, my mother never admitted her secret to her brothers.  The lesson she wanted me to learn from her story was to never be afraid to get the help you need to succeed.  The right co-pilot can make a huge difference.

When you’re building a business, you most likely don’t have all the skills you need.  To become truly successful, you should surround yourself with people who complement your skills and can help you build your business dream.

So when you’re sitting in the pilot’s seat, make sure your co-pilot is someone who has the ability to help your business soar.  Just like my mom — sometimes you need a little help.

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One Response to The Right Co-Pilot Can Help Your Small Business Soar to Success

  1. Samuel O-Thomas November 20, 2013 at 2:25 pm #

    Fantastic analogy, Susan. Can you, please, tell me what do you do when the prospective co-pilot available is only interested in ‘quick $’ for their own personal pocket and not the growth process of the business? HELP.