My 10 Year Blog Anniversary

10 years ago today, I started this blog. I never thought that it would be active a decade later and 2,000 posts later.

10 years in Internet time is forever.

10 years ago, I came out with my first book, You Need to Be a Little Crazy.

10 years ago, my sons were in grade school.

10 years ago:

• Gas cost $1.60 a gallon (and I was driving a gasoline car…now electric!)

• SARS was spreading like wildfire

• Facebook and Twitter had not yet been born (MySpace just launched!)

• Cameras were just being put on phones

• We declared war on Iraq

• Martha Stewart was indicted

• Paris Hilton’s sex tape was released (and you got a lot of spam on this one!)

• iTunes launched!

• Columbia crashed

• The Department of Homeland Security was created

• Lance Armstrong won his fifth Tour de France

It has been my privilege to write and discuss small business issues on this blog for a decade.

I have asked 10 small business experts to discuss the most pressing issues facing us for the next 10 days.

Join us!


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