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Boomers Lead and Drive the New Wave of Entrepreneurs

The buzz from startup executives, especially high-tech ones, has long been that startups are no place for Baby-Boomers (1946-1964) – you must have the high energy and crazy determination to work 20-hour days to succeed. Only the under-35 age group need apply. I will argue that times have changed, and you better take another look. […]

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$50 Off Ledbury Coupon Code

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10 Preparation Steps to Win an Angel Investment

Every new startup I know dreams of being funded by an angel investor. Yet according to the latest data from Gust (formerly AngelSoft), only about 3 out of 100 companies who initiate the formal request process actually get funded. The Gust Deal Funnel from the last 12 months indicates is that 70% of the interested […]

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