New Technology: Tiny Transistors Inside Cash

Future five dollar bill with tracking

Future five dollar bill with tracking

Business success tip:  Save your bills.  The entrepreneur may have a few surprises coming soon.

In the photo above you see an example of a manufactured bill with minute amounts of aluminum and gold using a special dry process, each flexible 250-nanometer-thick array only needs three volts to operate.  From:   Hagen Klauk, Max Planck Institute of Solid State Research.

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While entrepreneurs are trying to think of how to make more money, scientists are using technology to track it.  By the time you become a millionaire and want to hide your stash of dollars, your efforts will be fruitless because tiny transistors will give you away.

Maybe it is time to think about going into the safe business?

What type of materials will be impervious to all types of microwaves (including money tracking devices)?

With tracking devices being built into mobile, computers and even lingerie; how soon will it be until you ask the architect to design and build a business where people can “hide out”?  “Invisible to Trackers” may be a sign on businesses in the future alongside the “No Smoking” signs.

Are the safe companies already working on safes which will not only keep valuables locked away but also hidden from electronic eyes?

At what point do thieves become sophisticated enough to drive down the street with their own “cash tracker” which allows them to pick their targets?  Will big piles of cash with tracking devices give off a signal in public?  Or can a thief shop at Radio Shack to build their own tracking device?

Will the joke about “Will you take cash?” become a more serious question where the response might be: “Only bills dated before 2014″?

Management in small businesses are required to take frequent trips to the bank at random times throughout the day.  While a “lost deposit” might be less excusable with trackable money, predators and thieves will jump on an opportunity to take advantage.

Alert for all genius programmers:  Create an easily transportable gadget that will jam the transistor signal in the money so cash carriers can be safe.

This is not happening tomorrow so there is no need to stop taking cash.  Watch the news.  Set up a Google Alert.

While an entrepreneur thinks about the basics of business such as labor costs, supplies, recruiting and marketing; technology is sneaking up with new standards and an announcement will likely be on the third page as an “Oh yes, by the way, money is trackable now.”

The successful entrepreneur does stop and dwell on “maybes”.  The focus must always be on creating and executing a business plan to boost sales and build teams.  It is good to know trends and patterns to avoid surprises such as when the bills have little transistors built into them which scream out “Here I am!  I am hundreds and thousands of dollars and I am in the pocket of this hard working entrepreneur.”

Maybe some genius will make an APP for the Apple iphone to track or even jam the cash transistors?

One last thought:  Will the “premium bills” with transistors be worth more?  Under what type of conditions will a business be looking forward to paying $21 for a $20 bill? When it is trackable?

I would love to pull out my iphone and know in advance how much cash someone has and then tell them the price for a product.

This is a bit tongue in cheek and certainly a little ahead of the game.  To be on the cutting edge, anticipation of needs BEFORE they are commonplace may be the difference between success and  failure.

What is your prediction?


One Response to New Technology: Tiny Transistors Inside Cash

  1. Vic March 9, 2011 at 9:44 am #

    I’ll give it a thumbs up. It will probably take 3 to 5 years to market. Lower denomination bill probably not be cost effective. Larger bills $100 and up OK. There could be Fed regs to work around too. Still, very feasable idea!!