3 Easy Steps to Turn 1 Employee into 2

If you want to expand your company, the immediate thought is you need to hire more people, which is costly and takes a lot of time. What if there was a way to double the productivity of your staff? This is something Tony Hsieh from Zappos has been able to do, here are 3 easy steps you can follow.zappos-core-values.jpeg

Tony has studied what makes people happy and it’s 3 things:

1) perceived control

2) perceived progress

3) being a part of something much larger

His example of perceived progress was his customer service reps, they used to be promoted once every 18 months to eventually become a buyer.

They changed that to a promotion every 6 months and it made people a lot happier. It didn’t cost them anything, but it made people much happier and productive.

A happy wife is a happy life, and a happy employee works twice as hard.

Originally posted: wisestartupblog.com.

One Response to 3 Easy Steps to Turn 1 Employee into 2

  1. Atif Ali February 16, 2011 at 9:04 pm #

    its a good approach to get more work from existing employee but we should not dicourage the new coming talent.