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LinkedIn InMaps is a new visual gadget which automatically takes your LinkedIn network and creates an infographic clickable map.

This is pretty clever of LinkedIn to create a graphic presentation of the business network.  “What does my network look like?” is a question others ask.  It is not a question I have heard as of yet.  This visual tool  is not very helpful but could be used as an icebreaker or a fun puzzle vs. a tool to measure business success.

Here is a graph which shows your “Reach” in social media.  This is one of the many graphs which measure success built into the Hubspot software.

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The Hubspot graph above is very simple and the purpose is to show month to month progress for social media.  What is not shown here but also included in the Hubspot software is a breakdown of the numbers and the improvement from month to month.

Think twice as you review LinkedIn InMaps.  Is it truly helpful to boosting sales and building a team?  It will make you feel good and when you share it with associates as you may hear: “I haven’t seen that before.”

If you are curious, set the timer for five minutes, review the new graphic tool and then move on.

If there are competitors within your office you want to say “Oh?  Don’t you have one of these?”  Then be sure to tell your in-office competitor how important it is to your strategy.  They may get distracted, spend time on the new widget and allow you the opportunity to win the sales award for the month.

On the other hand, the boat sinks at both ends and your in-office competitor is also a team member ensuring the success of the company you work for.

Software geniuses are designing new widgets and apps to create a conversation about their products and hopefully go viral with more inbound links.  It appears the plan works since this article has spent time on a tool which is marginally helpful.

If you are asking “What does my network look like?”, you may be asking the wrong question.

PersonalBrain can also organize your network in visual graphic which allows you to insert photos, links, notes and more.  PersonalBrain is free.  Download PersonalBran free.

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