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Don’t Make These ‘Rookie’ Mistakes on Social Media

Watch the latest video at You know how to treat visiting customers, but how about online? Does your business need a social media etiquette rulebook? Attorney, author and THE Small Business Expert Susan Solovicsays social media today provides brands with the chance to quickly turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied one. However, any snafus […]

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PR Agencies vs Marketing Agencies

PR Agencies vs Marketing Agencies Posted by on Thu, Aug 21, 2014    Many business owners are unaware of the difference between PR agencies and Marketing agencies. There are a number of similarities between the two, and they are usually at their best when combined as part of a wider overall strategy. Many people think […]

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Control Your Stress

Vital to your health and well-being, business success, and quality of life is learning how to keep your stress at an acceptable level. When you have the right amount, things click. When you experience an overload, you’re going to suffer in one or more ways. Suppose there was a spectrum with numbers ranging from 1 […]

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Startups Who Hide Early Work Only Fool Themselves

It’s popular these days for startup founders to operate in stealth mode, meaning no details about the idea or progress are shared with anyone until the big reveal and rollout. The common reason given is that this prevents any competitor from stealing their idea and beating them to market. In my view, this paranoid approach […]

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#287 Jared Hecht, Lloyd Shefsky, Jeff Hoffman, Alex Feldman

Jared Hecht, co-founder of GroupMe, is now the co-founder and chief executive officer at Fundera, an online marketplace that matches small business owners to the best possible lender. Jared explains the problem small businesses are facing with access to capital and provides a solution for both borrowers and lenders.  Lloyd Shefsky, in addition to serving […]

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Spam: An Annoyance Since 1864

August 20, 2014 | By Courtney Deruy What started out as a popular canned meat has become one of the most loathed terms in popular culture. Thanks to a Monty Python skit and the adoption of the term by computer programmers, “spam” is now used to describe unsolicited messages sent to a large number of […]

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