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Do Discount Coupons Work for to Attract New Customers?

During the Great Recession of 2009, a fifty percent off coupons were the new full price. This is where Groupon got its big launch. But after a few years, Groupon’s popularity faded because while customers did go to the new small businesses at half price, they never came back. Groupon got paid, but the business […]

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Is Your Website a Silent Killer For Your Business?

This contributed post is by Jason Dirkham So, your business isn’t doing so well and you’re at an absolute loss as to what you can do to pick things up. You’re not the first entrepreneur to be in this position, and you certainly won’t be the last. There are a ton of things that could […]

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Perfect Your Product in 4 Steps

This contributed post is by Jason Dirkham. So you’ve decided that you want to be your own boss? Great! But have you thought about what it is that you want to sell? Often, the hardest part of starting up your own small business is deciding what product/s it is that you actually want your customers […]

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THE Small Business Expert

By CopyPress Influencer marketing is an important but often untapped aspect to lead building and conversions for a business’ online efforts. This type of marketing ties in directly with your link-building efforts when used correctly, and it can offer your company better audience targeting than traditional marketing and advertising. In a world where ads get […]

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