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#387 From UPS Driver to UPS President, Ron Wallace Shares His Leadership Lessons, Plus Live Your Startup Dream Without Quitting Your Day Job

On this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk to Ron Wallace, who worked his way up from being a UPS driver to becoming President of UPS International; he shares the leadership lessons he learned along the way. Then, as a prospective entrepreneur, when is the best time to leave the stability of […]

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Microsoft Turns Your Company Data into Intelligent Actions

Microsoft Turns Your Company Data into Intelligent Actions This week, I am attending Microsoft’s World Partner Conference  in Toronto with 16,000 business partners from 144 countries. It is immediately evident that Microsoft has changed how it is helping small businesses under the leadership of Satya Nadella. Microsoft not only gets what small business needs, but […]

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When Never to Apologize in Small Business

When Never to Apologize in Small Business My mother always taught me that if you do something wrong, it’s good to apologize. But some people actually say “sorry” too much. This is a problem in business because it makes them seem smaller than they actually are. Unfortunately, this also works against achieving what they want. […]

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THE Small Business Expert

By Dan Coughlin Silent mentors are people you’ve never talked with, but who have influenced you in some meaningful way. Don’t try to emulate the whole person, just one or two positive parts that you perceive in that person. The key is to look for good characteristics that you admire in people and then try to […]

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This Week in Small Business: Spring Cleaning, Moms, and Many Marketing Tips

’Tis the season to be spring cleaning (even your financials) and honoring moms everywhere (including those who found million-dollar companies). Add in a passel of marketing tips, and you have enough bedtime reading to last all week. Leadership, management and productivity Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo, Lisa Stevens, lays out three tips for giving […]

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Asking for Business Referrals: 7 Proven Ways that Work Today

In business some things never change, like the power of a personal referral or word-of-mouth advertising. Then again, some things in business are constantly going through changes, like the way those personal referrals are gained and communicated. Let’s take a quick tour through current best practices for winning those ever-so-powerful personal referrals. 1. Ask. Simply asking […]

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