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Fear is the Only Thing Holding You Back

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”- Nelson Mandala While traveling in South Africa this past year, I came across this quote from Nelson Mandela. It struck me that in my life, I make a lot of my choices out of fear. Unfortunately, as Jeremy Cage, author of “All Dream On Deck” says, […]

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Taking Outlook Off My Desktop and Into the Cloud

Taking Outlook Off My Desktop and Into the Cloud I have been using Microsoft Outlook since 1997 on my desktop computer. Since my main personal email was always on Yahoo!, I would download my mail daily to Outlook. This caused several problems: I could not look at my old email or associated folders when I […]

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8 Insights For Millennials To Excel As Entrepreneurs

As an advisor to startups and an angel investor, I encounter many Millennials as entrepreneurs who are leaders and great role-models for the rest of us in business. Unfortunately there are still others who have great ideas and passion, but seem to have a very naïve understanding or acceptance of what it takes to get […]

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10 Principles For Sustainable Innovation In Business

As a startup investor in this age of the entrepreneur, I see many more startups, but innovation is still hard to find. The most common proposals I hear are for yet another social networking site (over 200 active), or another dating site (over 2500 in the US alone). Startups which display real innovation, such as […]

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