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5 Reasons Companies Fail at Customer Service

Customer service, it is common sense. You may know how to deliver an excellent customer service experience, but do you? Not long ago a potential client called my office. We discussed the reason he was calling, the problems he’s having and the results he wanted to achieve. He claimed his employees weren’t executing on the “basics.” […]

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Go Where the Money Is: Be Ready for Universal Payments

When asked why he robbed banks, underworld mythology says Willie Sutton answered, “Because that’s where the money is.” The veracity of that quote is certainly in doubt. However, there’s no doubt that your business should be diving into the world of universal payments. Not long ago on these pages, I touched on this issue with […]

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The New ‘Benefit Corporation’ – Is It Right for You?

This coming week Connecticut will be joining about 27 other states that are adding a new type of business entity – the benefit corporation or “B Corp.” – to the traditional list of corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies (LLCs). Under current law, corporations and other business entities can be “for profit” or “not for […]

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Joining A Startup As CFO Is A Good Path To The Top

Every investor is looking for the “dream team” of executives to put money on. Often I find that experienced investors scan ahead to the management page of a business plan, even before they read the product description. That’s how important the people are. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) role is usually considered second only to […]

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Smart Entrepreneurs Learn The Most From Their Team

Starting and running a company is a team effort. Yes, it takes a leader (entrepreneur), but you can’t do it alone, without a team. Maybe only you and a co-founder comprise the team at first, to provide key skills, back you up, and test your ideas. As the startup grows, the team has to be […]

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Entrepreneurs Need To Reality Check Their Ideas

In my experience, consummate entrepreneurs tend come up with more startup ideas than they can ever implement, and some of the ideas may not even make business sense. But how does any entrepreneur know which ideas to implement, and which ones are best left behind? After all, most great breakthroughs, like a computer in every […]

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